The Picanol group has been known internationally or the development and production of high-tech weaving machines for the last 80 years. In addition to this, they specialize in engineering cast-iron solutions, custom made controllers for machines and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Solutions). Their focus lies on manufacturers in various fields such as textile weaving, agricultural services, compressors, fleet management and general engineering.

How Picanol implemented VR in their organization

As they are continually looking to advance their business, they decided to implement virtual reality training simulations. This allows them to optimize work station organizations and to efficiently analyze production flows: no real parts need to be produced or moved around, and their production line can still continue.

Our solution

The starting point of this project was the assembly of an electric motor, which is still in its prototype phase. Designing and optimizing the production flow of this motor can be done using the simulation, allowing for more efficiency when the actual production starts.

For the virtual reality simulation, two main categories of elements needed to be developed: the parts of the motor itself, and the tools used to assemble it. The Picanol group provided us with CAD drawings of the motor parts, which we converted into 3D elements. The level of detail goes up to the individual screws and bolts needed to assemble the parts.

The results

Afterwards, approximately 150 sequences were defined to simulate a realistic workflow. Key features of our VOLT platform enable Picanol to change their configurations and sequences. Which allows them to fully adjust the training and add future developments in the process. Both current and new employees can learn the new process in the VR training room.

We have no doubts about it: this will be a contribution to the further growth of the Picanol group!

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